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B  L  O  O  M


The inspiration for BLOOM came from my own previous experience as a non-traditional intern. Like many of you, I also struggled to find opportunities for hands-on learning because I presented as a "30-something-mother-of-twins" that had been out of the workforce for a few years. Even though I had an extensive background in PR & corporate event planning, I did not have professional social media experience and because I was an adult & not seeking school credit, I was immediately turned away from the majority of those I applied to. Once I was finally given an interview, I was offered an internship at a local social media agency in Charlotte and the rest is history - I just needed a chance... 

BLOOM is designed for those that: 

  • Have already graduated from college (whether undergraduate or graduate) - college credit will not be given.

  • Are seeking a career change or are interested in expanding your skill set within this industry.

  • May have left a previous career to stay at home with children and are interested in returning to the workforce.

  • Are potentially interested in launching a creative-based small business.

  • Recognize the value of practical skills gained through an immersive, interactive & supportive learning environment - this is an unpaid internship.

  • Have existing skills/talents in the following areas: writing, editing, conducting research, multi-tasking, creativity, professionalism...LIFE!

  • Don't mind working within a home-based office environment that may, on occasion, include warm greetings from a set of 5-year-old girl/boy twins or a couple of Pomeranians - we're all about work-life integration around here! *Or don't mind working remotely if you are not local.

What to expect:

Plan to devote 12-weeks (3 months) to the program - 2-3 days per week (3-4 hour increments each day); although, the exact schedule is a flexible arrangement and will be worked out individually. 

The overall curriculum is divided into modules that include instruction in the areas of: Social media; digital marketing; branding; blogging; graphic design; photography; resources in organization, productivity & content creation; customer service; webinars & e-courses; market research & more! 

As you progress through the internship, we will discuss areas that you are most interested in & that you would like to focus additional time on - the main objective is to empower you with the knowledge and skills you will need most for your future endeavors. That said, in order to learn, you've got to "do" & there is plenty to keep you busy (not even kidding). For example, you will be managing accounts, attending meetings, participating in creative brainstorming sessions, assisting in photo & video shoots, writing blog posts, conducting research, etc. - sprinkled in there somewhere are coffee breaks, humor, conversation and basic humanness, too; so, no worries on the all-work-and-no-play-thing (wink, wink). 


Appropriate tools for learning: a laptop computer & an iPhone or Android phone. No exceptions. 


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And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings.
— Meister Eckhart