• A consultation, as opposed to a webinar or an e-course, gives you an opportunity to speak with someone live - to ask questions and discuss strategy or social media & digital marketing trends. 
  • They are short in duration (not to exceed three sessions) and are best for those that are already familiar with technology and social media.   
  • I have streamlined the process involved so we can get right to work and focus on the most crucial elements of your marketing needs. Click on the graphic below to read more about each consultation package offered & pricing information. 

All consultations include the following

  1. Access to SGM's Secret Garden (free resources to help you grow your business). 
  2. An analysis of your current standings (using the information you provide in the form that appears during your purchase). 
  3. A recorded copy and a summary of our session(s) will be provided to you once your consultation concludes.  
  4. Actionable steps for moving forward. 



For those that just have a few questions - these might include strategizing, a content brainstorm, the latest & greatest in social or digital marketing, etc. This 60-minute consultation can only support a discussion pertaining to one medium. 


This package is perfect for those that have similar questions to the ones listed above but might have another medium to discuss or a few more topics to strategize. Instead of just one hour to talk shop, you'll get two (120-minutes)! However, they will be divided into two meetings at one hour each - no need to overwhelm you with everything all at once. 


Why not, right?! Just gimme another hour! If you have a presence on three or more mediums, an intricate marketing strategy (that includes web and/or digital marketing) or you just know you have a lot of questions, this one is definitely for you. Just like the others, this one will be divided into three meetings at one hour each. 

For more information, click below! 

*If a more thorough TRAINING PROGRAM would be a better alternative for you - fill out this FORM to contact me about your options.