frequently asked questions:


Where can I find an archive of your blog posts? 

Click that cute little pink button on your left that tells you to: "Click for blog archives" 

Just FYI: You will also find this button on the blog itself. 

What industries have you worked with? 

As SGM (and when my focus was social media management), I worked with both types of clients: those who offer a service and those who sell products. More specifically: real estate, professional blogging, graphic design, marketing, direct sales, & a lifestyle brand/jewelry boutique. 

In my previous positions as an event planner and in public relations, I worked with a variety of clients in corporate & in small business. Some of those include: Wilmington Orthopaedic Group, Bank of Wilmington, Cape Fear Beer & Wine, Muzak, Hendrick Motorsports, Wells Fargo, Rodgers Builders, U.S. National Whitewater Center, Roush Fenway Racing & more! 

How do you usually correspond with your clients? 

Typical communication methods include e-mail, text and phone but in terms of corresponding back-and-forth on projects, documents, posts and creative, I use Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Trello, etc. We discuss and solidify a productivity process that both sides are comfortable using. 

 How do you stay current in social media and marketing trends?

I stay current by watching live streams, listening to podcasts, reading blogs and by subscribing to various news aggregators. I also continue my education by taking courses: In 2014, I became certified in using Hootsuite; in 2015, I completed a 9-week Illustrator course for small business owners & graduated from Sue Zimmerman & Jenn Herman's Insta-Academy; and in April of 2016, I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, CA! 

Is organic reach and engagement really dead? 

The generic answer? Organic reach and engagement on mediums such as Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter are not dead. There are still plenty of ways to increase your presence on these mediums without having to pay anything. However, as is the case with social media as a whole, the tides are changing and all of those previously mentioned now offer advertising opportunities as well. For some of you, especially those that offer products, it might be beneficial to consider advertising options as a way to separate yourself from the rest during peak buying times. 

If we're talking about Facebook, the answer is YES. If you don't pay to boost or advertise, your posts will only be seen by about 1% - 2% of your followers (true story).  Simply posting everyday and liking a few pages doesn't cut it anymore. If you want to grow your page and business using FB, an advertising budget and strategy are a must.

There are several other factors to consider when planning your business' social media marketing efforts - this is just one piece of the pie. I am happy to discuss this further, you can contact me HERE

Why is it necessary for me to set an advertising budget on FB? 

As I mentioned above, it is no longer a realistic expectation to build your brand on Facebook without an advertising budget for boosted posts and ads. However, it has been a great benefit for my clients for a number of reasons: it is a relatively cheap option (compared to other alternatives), you can target a specific demographic so you get the best bang for your buck, and there are lots of tools to play with - from multiple styles of ads, to pixels that collect important data from your website and customers...pretty cool stuff here, friends! 

Why should I read your blog and/or sign up for your newsletter? 

Why shouldn't you read SGM's blog and sign up for the newsletter? Pros: the password to the Secret Garden (a space that holds FREE resources you can use to grow your business), valuable information, practical tips, first-hand news & access to workshop dates, etc. Topics will include social media, branding, digital marketing, public relations, small business & insights into my professional and personal life as a mother of twins (mompreneur) - lots of people want to know how I manage (hint: I have accepted that I will never achieve Superwoman status & my coping mechanisms are humor and sarcasm). Cons: N O N E...duh.  

Do you offer any other resources? Free pdf downloads, tips, etc. 

Of course, y'all! In both the newsletter & the blog, you will get access to all kinds of social swag.  

How will I know when you are planning to offer a new e-course or workshop?

If you follow & engage with me on my social media accounts, subscribe to my fancy newsletter and/or read my blog, you'll know. Otherwise, check back HERE for new e-courses & HERE for workshops.