As a creative or entrepreneur, I know you're busy. But I also know that you recognize & value the importance of social media and digital marketing for your business (or you wouldn't be here). With this in mind, I am creating webinars & e-courses that are: 

1. Set-up and executed with respect to your schedule and time constraints. 

2. Designed to appeal to every type of learner - visual, auditory & experiential. 

3. Created from my own direct experiences as a professional in this field - each one of my courses stem from clients I have worked with in the past. 

4. Tailored for specific populations. Social media & digital marketing strategies are rarely a one-size-fits-all approach & I want my courses to be valuable and applicable to your field or circumstances. 

5. Unique! How many of the same courses do you see over and over again floating around on the internet?! Exactly. These are not those. Mine are meant to address needs that have largely been ignored or just haven't had as much support. Below is a list of a few I'm working on now: 


From Etsy to E-Commerce

Bloggers & Brands

Get Real! Socially-Savvy Real Estate Course

Living Social: Incorporating Social & Digital Into Daily Life


Sorry, friends - I won't be providing more information about these until I launch them. So, if you are just dying to know or want to be one of the first to snag one, click HERE and let me know!